“Botox-like” peptides

“Botox-like” peptides

Are they support or alternative to aesthetic medicine procedures?

Peptides are responsible for the look and condition of our skin. They are involved in the intracellular communication and stimulate the activation of enzymes and hormones responsible for cellular processes.

Biomimetic peptides and aging


The level of natural peptides in our skin declines with age and their proper synthesis can deteriorate, therefore metabolic and repair processes controlled by the peptides tend to weaken or might be disrupted.

We all know, that with age the contractile properties of facial muscles decrease and wrinkles become more and more visible.

But, we have a solution – biomimetic peptides which slow down the changes in the skin during the aging process.


“Botox-like” peptides – what are they?


“Botox-like” peptides are one of the kind of biomimetic peptides. They are structurally similar to natural peptides present in the human body.


“Botox-like” peptides – how do they work?



The muscles in our body contract when the nerve impulse reaches muscle fibres through the motor nerve. The end of the motor nerve releases the neurotransmitter (acetylcholine), which enables receptor stimulation of  the muscle cell membrane and release of Calcium ions (Ca2+), causing muscle contraction (e.g. facial muscles).

“Botox-like” peptides block the flow of impulses sent from nerve cells into muscle cells.

Their main task is to relax muscles responsible for wrinkle formation (e.g. the facial muscles).

“Botox-like” peptides are similar in action to BotoxÒ injections.  They in a non-invasive way  destabilize the structure of the transmembrane factor, which prevents the release of acetylcholine into the muscle cells. In this situation facial muscles cannot contract. Thanks to that the facial muscles are relaxed and wrinkles become less visible.


“Botox-like” peptides – transmission between neuron and a muscle



a) Face muscle contractions without using a cosmeceutical containing “botox-like” peptides:

thanks to transmembrane factor follicle with acetylcholine can fuse with the cell membrane and release neurotransmitter.

In this situation face muscles contract and form wrinkles and fine lines on the face.





b) Face muscle contractions after using a cosmeceutical containing “botox-like” peptides:

because of destabilized transmembrane factor follicle with acetylcholine can’t fuse with the cell membrane.

In this situation face muscles can not contract and wrinkles and fine lines on the face are efficiently minimized.





Looking for a competitive alternative to slow down the process of aging, we have designed Laboratorie du peptide cosmeceuticals.

Using our series containing “botox-like” peptides shallow wrinkles, they become less noticeable and the formation of new wrinkles is significantly delayed.


Laboratorie du peptide series contains “botox-like” peptides closed in liposomes to reach the deepest layers of the skin and lift away the effects of time. Our cosmeceuticals relaxes facial muscles, minimizes wrinkles and fine lines, provides long-lasting effectiveness and maintains smooth skin.