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We develop new formulations of various forms of cosmetics (creams, gels, lotions, serum, etc.), preparations dedicated for aesthetic medicine and food supplements (capsules, syrups). We are ready for various modifications of the products and the preparation of packaging in accordance with the requirements of a specific Client. We prepare the product from the beginning, starting with the development of the technology and research in line with the European standards contained in the EU DIR 1223/2009, and ending with the finished product.

Product offer under contract manufacturing – private label:

Pharmann provides research and development services and cosmetics contract manufacturing services. In our research laboratory we develop new cosmetic product technologies according to the requirements of our Clients. We prepare and conduct tests for cosmetics in accordance with the European Directive EU DIR 1223/2009.

We provide our Clients with assistance at every stage of the creation and production process of a new cosmetic, i.e. from the product idea stage, through recipe proposal, graphic design of the packaging, up to the production stage of the finished product with full documentation of the required tests (PIF).

Within our offer of contract manufacturing we also submit products to the CPNP database and provide Responsible Entity services. We also offer the service of reformulation of cosmetic products.

Below is a sample list of our cosmetics offered under contract manufacturing (private label).












1Anti-aging series (dedicated to women aged 50+)1. Anti-wrinkle cream with phytohormonesjar50 ml
2. Anti-wrinkle under-eye cream with phytohormonestube15 ml
3. Anti-wrinkle tonicbottle200 ml
2Prophylaxis of skin aging, a series for women aged 25+1. Regenerating and firming creamtube50 ml
2. Anti-wrinkle under-eye creamtube15 ml
3Moisturizing series1. Intensely moisturizing creamjar50 ml
2. Intensely moisturizing under-eye creamtube15 ml
3. Moisturizing body lotionbottle with pump400 ml
4Sensitive, atopic skin1. Soothing cream for sensitive skintube50 ml
2. Tonic – skin skin cleansing lotion, hypoallergenicbottle200 ml
3. Micellar fluidbottle200 ml
5Skin with imperfections1. Matting creamjar50 ml
2. Discoloration lightening creamjar50 ml
3. Enzymatic peeling creamtube50 ml
6Protective series1. Greasy protective creamjar50 ml
2. Protective hand creamtube100 ml
7Sunscreen series1. Sunscreen with SPF 20tube50 ml
2. Sunscreen with SPF 30tube50 ml
3. Sunscreen with SPF 50tube50 ml
4. Cooling after-sun lotionbottle400 ml
8Series for men1. After shave lotionbottle150 ml
2. Anti-wrinkle creamtube50 ml
9Antiperspirants1. Antiperspirant for womenbottle50 ml
2. Antiperspirant for menbottle50 ml