Collagen boost peptides

Collagen boost peptides

How to improve firmness of the skin? Inadequate diet, sleep deprivation, air pollution, frequent exposure to the sun and stress – all these factors accelerate age-related changes in our facial appearance.

Our skin ages over time and loses firmness and elasticity.

Many people want to slow down this process to enjoy having a smooth face much longer


aging skin

The level of natural peptides in our skin declines with age and their proper synthesis can deteriorate, therefore metabolic and repair processes controlled by the peptides tend to weaken or might be disrupted.

In aging the number and quality of collagen fibers are changed – they lose their organization.

With time the amount of fibroblasts is reduced and their ability to produce collagen, the major structure responsible for the firmness of the skin, declines.

What is more the activity of collagen-degrading enzymes can increase and collagen production decreases. Skin loses elasticity and crow’s feet and other wrinkles appear on the face.


 The role of collagen boost signal peptides


Collagen boost signal peptides are one kind of biomimetic peptides. They are structurally similar to natural peptides present in the human body.

Biomimetic peptides slow down the changes in the skin during the aging process. They stimulate skin renewal and regeneration.

Collagen boos signal peptides  stimulate fibroblasts to synthesize skin’s structural proteins (collagen and elastin). They also reduce the level of collagenase – the enzyme responsible for collagen degradation.

Thanks to this inhibitory effect, the amount of collagen in the skin remains unchanged over time – the skin maintains its youthful appearance longer and wrinkles appear much later.



With age, the amount of fibroblasts, elastin and collagen decreases in the skin – wrinkles appear and skin loses its firmness. Signal peptides delay this process.






Signal peptides improve the appearance of the skin, increase its tension, firmness, density and elasticity. They affect the proliferation, i.e. the increase in the number of structural elements of the skin.



The use of anti-aging properties of collagen boost peptides  in cosmeceuticals is a competitive alternative to invasive aesthetic medicine.

In our Laboratoire du peptide™ series one can find effective combination of peptides, which delay the process of aging.  Laboratoire du peptide™ night cream and face serum contains collagen boost signal peptides and can be a support and even an alternative to aesthetic medicine procedures.