Lamelat™ C serum hydration

Lamelat C hydration contains a liposomal, 100% stable form of vitamin C (C-LipoAqua™ complex) as well as low and high molecular weight hyaluronic acid.


The liposomal, non-irritating form of vitamin C ensures potent antioxidative effects.

Hyaluronic acid penetrates all the epidermal layers, creates a protective film on the skin and prevents water loss.


Used regularly, the serum brings fast and long-lasting effects:

  • intense skin moisturization;
  • reduced transepidermal water loss;
  • strengthened lipidic barrier of the skin;
  • increased resilience;
  • regenerated skin structure;
  • tightened and smoothed skin.


Dedicated to skin that is dehydrated, prone to drying, needs protection against the adverse impact of external factors (e.g. air-conditioning).

C-LipoAqua™ complex – an innovative vitamin C complex based on the liposomal technology, resistant to oxidation, soluble in oils. It contains 3 forms of vitamin C:


  • VC-IP (Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate);
  • SAP (Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate);
  • L-Ascorbic acid.


The complex is resistant to light and oxidation. Thanks to the liposomal technology, it brings higher vitamin C concentrations deeper into the skin. Inhibits melanin synthesis, minimizes discolorations, reduces age spots, boosts radiance and aligns the skin tone. Possesses high antioxidant potential, shields skin cells against free radicals. Protects the skin from the adverse impact of environmental factors. Does not cause irritation.


Stimulates collagen synthesis, protects collagen and elastin fibres, improves the skin firmness and smooths out wrinkles.


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Hyaluronic acid is one of the most frequently used active ingredients in cosmetic products. It is a biopolymer of  numerous applications and properties thanks to its structure. Hyaluronic acid naturally present in our skin fills the intercellular space, acting as a sponge that hydrates the skin and makes it firm and smooth. It has very strong hygroscopic properties – one molecule of hyaluronic acid can bind water in amounts 1000 times its own weight. As with time, its level in our skin decreases – the skin becomes dry, sagging and slowly loses its regeneration capabilities, making wrinkles, furrows and crow’s feet start to appear. Hyaluronic acid keeps up water retention and the absorption of other active ingredients. We distinguish two forms of hyaluronic acid – low molecular weight and high molecular weight hyaluronic acid:


Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid penetrates the horny layer of the epidermis and reaches deep layers of the skin thanks to its smaller molecules. Retains water, improves skin hydration, moisturisation and elasticity. Has anti-wrinkle effects. Inhibits the ageing process. Firms the skin and improves its tension.


High molecular weight hyaluronic acid cannot penetrate deeper layers of the skin because of its larger molecules. It stays on the surface and forms a protective film that strengthens the hydrolipidic barrier of the skin. This way, it reduces water loss. It hydrates, improves resilience and delicately tightens the skin.


Only proper proportions of low and high molecular weight hyaluronic acid can bring the desired effects and provide complete hydration – both in the deeper and the surface layers of the skin.


In our cosmetic products, we use a particularly effective technology of lyophilised microspheres filled with hyaluronic acid. The microspheres can penetrate deep into the skin. There, on contact with water, they fill out and immediately increase their volume, reducing wrinkles.


Hyaluronic acid visibly rejuvenates, reduces wrinkles, furrows and crow’s feet and provides a complete firming treatment.

Lamelat™ C serum hydration should be applied in the morning and in the evening to cleansed face and/or neck skin.

30ml / 1.0 fl.oz.