4 lips™ gel

4 lips is a soothing and lip care enhancing gel after lip modeling.

The soothing and regenerating complex (neuropeptide, Arnica Montana and Witch Hazel extracts) basing the gel allows to minimize the modeling after-effects: hypersensitivity, itching, irritation and supports the care of lips with bruises.

The unique high-tech formula with cooling ingredients and the ceramic cooling applicator tip provide fast soothing action to irritated, sensitive lips.

4 lips significantly enhances everyday lip care in four areas:

  • cooling (cooling ingredient, neuropeptide)
  • hydrating (hyaluronic acid, glycerin, Panthenol, polyglycerides)
  • rejuvenation (vitamin E)
  • nourishing (Butylene Parkii Oil – Shea oil)

The comfort gel formula of the gel makes it fast-absorbing and non-sticky. 4 lipsTM leaves the lips feel velvety and smooth.
4 lips boosts the long-term modeling effects and serves as a MUST-HAVE lip daily care.

Neuropeptide – imitates the activity of the neurotransmitter responsible for severe pain sensation; significantly reduces lips and the surrounding areas temperature. Reduces the itching sensation. Aids the narrowing of blood vessels, reducing micro-oedemas; reduces lips and the surrounding areas hypersensitivity. Has a regenerating and soothing effect.

Standardized Arnica Montana extract – accelerates the absorption of hematomas, bruises, ecchymosis and swelling. Significantly soothes the irritations and strengthens blood vessels.

Standardized Witch Hazel extract – seals blood vessels; has properties that help to reduce swelling. Improves the appearance of the lips, strengthens and soothes them.

Hyaluronic acid – retains and binds water – improves skin and lips hydration; moisturizes and improves elasticity. Has anti-wrinkle properties and significantly improves lips firmness.

Glycerin – moisturizes and strengthens lips protective layer; perfectly absorbs water and prevents transepidermal water loss (TEWL). Improves lips tension and elasticity; smooths them.

Panthenol – perfectly moisturizes and smooths the lips; helps to maintain proper lips elasticity and firmness. Has soothing and healing properties; stimulates cell regeneration, soothes irritations.

Polyglycerides – moisturize and improve elasticity; retain water, improve lips hydration. They have moisturizing and emollient properties.

Vitamin E – has strong antioxidant properties; strengthens collagen fibres and other skin and lips structures. Inhibits the aging processes caused by e. g. UV radiation or cigarette smoke.

Butylene Parkii Oil (Shea oil) – improves lips firmness and elasticity; it is rich in vitamin A and E – which have anti-aging properties. Lubricates the lips and prevents water loss. It provides a soothing and regenerating effect; smooths and softens the lips.

Apply 4 lips gently on the lips and massage it with the ceramic applicator tip. 48h after lip modelling, use whenever it is needed. Use as everyday lip care at least 2 – 3 times a day or according to your needs.

10ml / 0,34 fl.oz.