Whitening peptides – how do they work?

Whitening peptides – how do they work?

All over the world skin whitening is increasingly perceived as a part of ageless  skin care, to hide unwanted signs of ageing, unhealthy lifestyle and pollution. Hyperpigmentation, age spots, discolorations are the changes everyone wants to minimise.


The majority of whitening agents act only on tyrosinase and, thus, they modulate only one component of the pigmentation process. Whitening peptide is an exceptional active ingredient because it can modulate the complete pathways of pigmentation.


Whitening peptides – unique whitening pathway via MITF


Thus, innovative and unique cosmeceuticals containing the highest effective dose of whitening peptide, encapsulated in liposome:

  • Decrease tyrosinase activity and melanin synthesis to reduce overall skin pigmentation
  • Induce skin brightening effect and evenness after only 4 weeks
  • Reduce the appearance of pigmented spots
  • Provide a progressive brightening effect for a more uniform complexion





Why whitening peptides are encapsulated in liposomes?


The epidermis consists of four layers:

  • stratum basal,
  • stratum spinosum,
  • stratum granulosum,
  • stratum corneum (SC).



The SC is impermeable and its cells, the corneocytes, are considered as dead cells. The SC is composed of corneocytes embedded in a multilamellar matrix, mainly sebum, which provides an occlusive oil film barrier on the surface of the skin to regulate the evaporation of water.

The use of effective penetration enhancer such as liposomes is thus of great importance to enhance product’s performance.


The main reason for using liposomes is their biocompatibility combined with their benefits of trans-barrier delivery.

The mechanism of adsorption allows the liposomes to maximise their efficiency by effectively penetrate deeper layer of the skin.
Liposomes are composed of lipids  and due to this  they are able to penetrate the stratum corneum and then they are dissociated to release the active substance (the peptide) progressively inside the epidermis.


Whitening peptides – best practise in hyperpigmentation

Our Lamelat™ whitening series, based on whitening peptide encapsulated in liposomes and other strong active ingredients, provides complex skincare for people struggling with uneven skin tone.

Lamelat™ series in 3 steps reduces hiperpigmenations , prevents discolorations and photoaging, moisturizes and provides luminous glow of the skin.