Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy In Dermatology

Nowadays, the diversity of treatments offered by aesthetic medicine gives every patient the ability to adjust the procedures to the individual needs of their skin.

The greatest achievements of XXI century aesthetic medicine are primarily technologically advanced devices, e.g. lasers.Laser therapy has become an integral part of therapy in dermatology.

The advantages of laser therapies used in aesthetic medicine are: relatively low invasiveness and short recovery period of the patient. Many treatments including, among other things: reduction of scars, stretch marks, discolorations, skin rejuvenation, are performed using fractional lasers. Thanks to laser technology we can also eliminate the problem of cracked and dilated vessels, remove unwanted hair or cure excessive sweating.

A laser provides high precision and full control of the treatment. However, one should remember that after each laser treatment the symptoms of neurogenic inflammation of the skin may appear, characterized by redness, swelling, sensitivity and skin irritation.

In order to fully minimize recovery time and patient discomfort associated with laser therapy and other dermatological procedures, a modern neurocosmetic has been developed – the Laserat cream.

laseroterapia w dermatologii
laseroterapia w dermatologii
Laser therapy
medycyna estetyczna kosmeceutyki
Aesthetic medicine